• Jano Cohen “Snow Falling On Waves” PDP Presents 2010/Local Dance History Project
  • Lisa Kraus, Vicky Shick, Eva Karczag  “Red Thread” PDP Presents 2010
  • Michael Biello & Dan Martin, Ishmael Houston-Jones “What We’re Made Of” PDP Pres
  • Local Dance History Project Arists PDP Presents 2010 photo by JJ Tiziou
  • Jennifer Monson PDP guest Artist Wissahickon Charter School 2009
  • SCUBA 2011 Artist workshop Jumatatu Poe
  • Shinichi Iova Koga/Inkboat SCUBA  2009 Photo by: Steven A. Gunthe
  • Miguel Gutierrez  “Big Mess”  Workshop PDP Presents 2008
  • Arena Dances PDP Presents 2009 photo by Eric Saulitis
  • Taryn Griggs and Chris Yon PDP Presents 2010 photo by Brian Mengini
  • Kathleen Hermesdorf  Workshop PDP Presents 2008
  • DanceTAG 2011
  • Ben Levy/Levy Dance PDP Presents 2008 photo by Bryan Davis
  • Jose Navarrete SCUBA
  • Christopher Williams workshop
  • Ray Chung PDP Contact Improv Festival
  • Salt Horse SCUBA 2009 photo by David Reuter
  • Ray Chung PDP Contact Improv Festival
  • Ellen Gerdes  DanceTAG 2010
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  • Nora Gibson photo by Brian Mengini
  • John Scott photo by Brian Mengini
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  • 2012 Christopher Williams in rehearsal  with Philly dancers for Wolf-In-Skins
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PDP at 20 years…

This iconic photo of Dancer/Choreographer, Rennie Harris was taken by Photographer, Bob Emmott at a photo shoot for Philadelphia Dance Projects.  In PDP’s first full season as an independent presenter we commissioned Harris and Dance/Music Artist Grisha Coleman to collaborate on a new work made possible in part with support from the MAP Fund.   The suite of dances and music  “Every Good Boy Does Fine” premiered at the Painted Bride  and at the Aaron Davis Hall in NYC in May of 1997.   This was Puremovement’s first full evening work and sections from the collaboration toured in RHPM for several years throughout the world.
That spring 1997 also included workshops by Deborah Hay and Ronald K Brown.
PDP with Arranged Introductions facilitated workshops with Leah Stein for young people of  Southwest Philly who performed with her at Bartram Gardens that year.
PDP, also, participated in the Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema presenting a program by filmmaker/dancer Jo Andres.
Philadelphia Dance Projects was off to an auspicious start.
Throughout 2017 we will highlight some of this history, the projects and the artists…It’s an impressive and impactful history. 



Budapest/ Philadelphia
Dance Artist Residency Exchange

2015 Bilateral workshop in Budapest  (photo: Nichole Canuso)


Application  you can download here.
Two Philadelphia dance artists will be invited to explore dance and other cultural resources, as research for their own creative work and professional growth, in a 3 week Residency in Budapest, Hungary this Fall 2017, from October 9 thru October 29.
The guest artists will be hosted by The Hungary Workshop Foundation. Artists are free to develop an open ended residency with activities that could include, creative time, informal studio showings of work, attending performances, meeting other artists, among other activities. BILATERAL artists receive housing, per diem and a small stipend. Roundtrip airfare is provided.
The BILATERAL Budapest/Philadelphia Dance Artist Residency Exchange is artist centered, but the intent is to reveal some of the experience of dance artists in both cities as well as build connections between the two artistic communities.

“Living Pest and Rehearsing in Buda meant crossing the beauty of the Danube at least once a day” Nichole Canuso 2015
“Living Pest and Rehearsing in Buda meant crossing the beauty of the Danube at least once a day” - Nichole Canuso 2015

To date ten dance artists have participated in this unique 3 week artist residency exchange through partners Philadelphia Dance Projects (PDP), DanceUP (2012-2014) and the Hungary Workshop:
2012 Ferenc Feher, Katya Lengel/Budapest
2013 Tori Lawrence, Guillermo Ortega/Philadelphia
2014 Adrienn Hod, Judit Szamos/Budapest
2015 Nichole Canuso, Gabrielle Revlock/Philadelphia
2016 Anna Biczok, Imre Vass/Budapest

This special project is made possible with support from the Trust For Mutual Understanding http://www.tmuny.org


PDP Presents 2017

This year we are hosting a creative residency with choreographerChristopher Williams and composer, Gregory Spears. Look for a showing in process of excerpts from Act 2 of their dance/opera “Wolf-In-Skins” this coming Fall.


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