• Jano Cohen “Snow Falling On Waves” PDP Presents 2010/Local Dance History Project
  • Lisa Kraus, Vicky Shick, Eva Karczag  “Red Thread” PDP Presents 2010
  • Michael Biello & Dan Martin, Ishmael Houston-Jones “What We’re Made Of” PDP Pres
  • Local Dance History Project Arists PDP Presents 2010 photo by JJ Tiziou
  • Jennifer Monson PDP guest Artist Wissahickon Charter School 2009
  • SCUBA 2011 Artist workshop Jumatatu Poe
  • Shinichi Iova Koga/Inkboat SCUBA  2009 Photo by: Steven A. Gunthe
  • Miguel Gutierrez  “Big Mess”  Workshop PDP Presents 2008
  • Arena Dances PDP Presents 2009 photo by Eric Saulitis
  • Taryn Griggs and Chris Yon PDP Presents 2010 photo by Brian Mengini
  • Kathleen Hermesdorf  Workshop PDP Presents 2008
  • DanceTAG 2011
  • Ben Levy/Levy Dance PDP Presents 2008 photo by Bryan Davis
  • Jose Navarrete SCUBA
  • Christopher Williams workshop
  • Ray Chung PDP Contact Improv Festival
  • Salt Horse SCUBA 2009 photo by David Reuter
  • Ray Chung PDP Contact Improv Festival
  • Ellen Gerdes  DanceTAG 2010
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  • Subcircle photo by Brian Mengini
  • Nora Gibson photo by Brian Mengini
  • John Scott photo by Brian Mengini
  • https:/www.indiegogo.com/projects/local-dance-history-project
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  • 2012 Christopher Williams in rehearsal  with Philly dancers for Wolf-In-Skins
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  • LDHP Melanie Stuwart
  • Discotropic
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Supporting contemporary dance through projects that encourage artists and audiences to more fully participate and engage in the experience and pursuit of dance as an evolving form.



To our loyal fans and devotees…
Philadelphia Dance Projects is taking a hiatus from presenting DANCE UP CLOSE
In the meantime…Projects in the works include a special Local Dance History Project presentation and a premiere of a feature length film about a post-modernist icon.


We are excited that Melanie Cotton and Lela Aisha Jones  are PDP’s Dance Artists Residency 
at Girls’ High this Winter/Spring.


DanceTAG  Spring 2016 will begin in March

March 13, Creative Movement and the African Aesthetic led by Cherie Hill    
April 3: Body Percussion with Judy Freed 
April 17  Bigs and Littles: a workshop in Parent-Child Dance Teaching with Monica Cameron Frichtel 

FREE  Sundays 1-3PM at 
Philadelphia Dance Academy, 
219 Cuthbert Street in Old City. 
RSVP at infoatphiladanceprojects [dot] org

Thank you again to all those who contributed to our 2015 Appeal and who continue to attend and participate in our Projects, we appreciate for your ongoing enthusiasm.




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